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The Story

Dangle The Carat was founded in 2021 when founder myself, Emily, had enough of my gold plated jewellery tarnishing after a few weeks of wearing it. Just as there was more talk on shopping more sustainably buying pre loved clothes, it made me think about buying second hand solid gold jewellery and investing more in the short term but on something that will last forever. The beauty of solid gold is once it’s cleaned up, it’s new again. There’s also no worry about having to take it off in the shower, spraying perfume etc. Not only that, every piece of jewellery has had a previous life and a story to tell.  Every item of jewellery is unique and investing in pre loved solid gold is an investment too. The business began by myself researching and sourcing a few pieces of jewellery and setting up an Instagram to show case my finds. The business has started to grow and it’s so exciting to now be selling on a website! I hope you find something you love.

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